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Verizon Relies on ADC's DAS for LTE Service Rollouts
With a requirement to deliver multi-megabit data services to every user, LTE providers are looking to DAS networks to bring the signal closer to the subscriber.

ADC's DAS networks, for example, have been integral in Verizon Wireless' LTE network rollouts in more than 100 locations, including major stadiums, urban core areas, and other locations such as Denver International Airport.

"The ADC DAS architecture is ideally suited for LTE rollouts because it uses easily deployed antennas to extend services inside buildings and in urban cores," said John Spindler, vice president of product management for ADC's Network Solutions Business Unit. "Our systems have been certified for 4G networks by multiple wireless service providers, and they are being deployed at a rapid pace as these operators light up LTE services in new markets."

With its LTE-certified InterReach and FlexWave DAS products, ADC is providing 700 MHz single-input single-output (SISO) and multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems.

ADC's DAS solutions extend LTE signals out from centralized base stations using low-maintenance antennas. Rather than placing femtocells or picocells in thousands of locations, wireless service providers can reduce backhaul and operational expenses by extending signals out from centralized base stations. Additionally, rather than having to run a complete set of cabling for each service to be provided, ADC DAS solutions support multiple protocols with a single run of fiber-optic and CATV cabling.

Another DAS provider, MobileAccess, has had its portfolio of 4G wireless solutions certified by wireless operators and is actively supporting LTE networks across the country. After completing the certification testing and documentation review in November 2010, MobileAccess received preferred status from the largest carrier currently deploying an LTE network for its entire 4G portfolio, including the MobileAccessVE, MobileAccess1000 and 2000 distributed antenna systems.

"To get the most out of LTE, it's not just about offering a compatible DAS," said Jeff Kunst, vice president of product management, MobileAccess. "Flexibility and performance are key variables in bringing a next-generation network online, and we are very pleased that our carrier partners, Verizon and AT&T, have recognized the capabilities of our solution in this regard. From arenas and hotels to office buildings and airports, LTE rollouts can be up and running in weeks versus months for a fraction of the cost of traditional DAS solutions."

The MobileAccessVE solution delivers LTE MIMO capabilities over existing CAT-5 Ethernet cables.